BARSKA Biometric Safe

BARSKA Biometric Safe

Gun safes have become increasingly important today. Safe gun usage has become a top priority today for people that have licensed weapons at home. There is nothing more vital than to invest in a topnotch handgun safe that can help protect your weapon, enable you to use it on an instant’s notice and make it impossible for unauthorized access by any one.

You need to protect your children from harming themselves and others. Forget about keeping your gun safely locked inside a cabinet or your closet, you may forget to lock the cabinet, making the gun accessible by your kids.

Gun safes are designed to provide you with portable weapon storage. They are made using high-grade steel and other durable components. This is where you should invest in the BARSKA Biometric safe.

Barska Safe Open

The BARSKA handgun safe is just the product for you to keep your firearm secured at all times – and when under threat, you have the power to instantly access the safe and use the firearm. With enhanced portability, you can store the safe anywhere you want without having to every worry about unauthorized access.


Here are some amazing features of this biometric safe:

Biometric Identification

The best part about the product is the fact it comes with a biometric identification. There are numerous benefits of using a biometric locking mechanism. Apart from giving you quick access to your weapon, you don’t have to remember any codes or hide the keys to the locker that you may have previously used

The biometric system in the BARSKA enables up to 30 fingerprints to be stored. This means you can give access to the safe to the ones you rely on are close to you. For example, you can give access to your spouse, your father, your best friend, etc.

Moreover, it only takes a tap on the panel to open the safe. You don’t have to put your finger on it for a second or two; it just scans your fingerprint instantaneously. The safe comes with a user-manual that you should read for more details on how to troubleshoot any issue.

Barska Biometric Sensor

Store More Than Just Your Handgun

This is another wonderful reason why you should not hesitate in buying the BARSKA. Apart from providing you with the perfect place to store your weapon, the biometric safe is also designed to store important documents, files, your wife’s jewelry, your expensive watch, cash and plenty of small valuables.

Mounting Hardware

Upon purchasing the BARSKA Biometric safe, you will also get the necessary mounting hardware should you wish to mount the safe on a wall or anywhere else in your room. The product is factory-drilled with the holes you will use to mount the safe.

In addition, you will also get a set of emergency keys. This is for emergencies, when for any reason the biometric identification panel does not work. You can still use the safe by unlocking it with keys provided.

Battery Life Indication

The biometric identification system is battery powered. However, you don’t have to worry about the battery dying on you and not letting you know about it. The safe has a system that promptly warns you when the batteries begin to run low. In case the battery dies, you can unlock the safe using the keys provided.

Just make sure you store the keys separately. Moreover, the default battery life of the gun safe is 2 years.

Maintaining The Gun Safe

In order to maximize the product’s functionality, you will have to ensure it is kept cleaned and maintained. You should always swipe the biometric scanner with a dry, damp cloth to remove your fingerprints and any other type of smudges.

Furthermore, you have to ensure that the biometric panel is dust-free. So, give it a clean every now and then regardless of whether you use the safe or not.

What Others Say

The BARSKA Biometric safe enjoys a excellent rating on Amazon. And according to various buyers, they are happy with how the enables them to keep their valuables safe and protected without causing any complications.

According to one buyer, their home was burglarized and apart from things that were stolen, the burglars tried to open the safe but failed repeatedly.

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Another individual was impressed with the way it is designed to keep unauthorized access impossible. On top of that, you can have the safe bolted in a secured location so that a burglar would fail to take the safe out.

Others were generally happy that they could store two handguns along with a couple of magazines for the guns. The storage space is impressive. You can also store other items as well along with your weapons.

The biometric system is what received the most praise. According to many buyers on different platforms, they were happy with how quick and easy it was to access the gun safe without any problems at all.

Buying Advice

You can purchase the BARSKA Biometric handgun safe in under $150 with frees shipping on Amazon. The best place to buy this product is Amazon as you can have it gift wrapped if you’re planning to give it as a gift to someone.

Our Rating


Overall, apart from the fact that the BARSKA Biometric handgun safe is not designed to be fireproof, the product is manufactured using high-grade material, which is impossible to pry or break open. In addition, it is integrated with a state of the art biometric unlocking mechanism. You can have 30 fingerprints saved in the system.

At the price mentioned, this is a good handgun safe option. The safe does its job of protecting your gun and valuable as well provide you with quick access.

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