Why Choose A Biometric Gun Safe

Why Choose A Biometric Gun Safe

The term gun safe is used to define a protective container that keeps your weapons secure. The primary goal of gun safes is to prevent unauthorized people from getting access to guns. This also includes preventing children from harming themselves or those around them.

Gun safes come in different shapes and sizes. They feature a lock system and the most common types include manual or mechanical gun safes and biometric gun safes. How are biometric gun safes better than other options out there? Continue reading to find out more.

Why Weapon Safety Is A Serious Concern

Most states have strict laws when it comes to safe weapon storage. More importantly, if someone is injured or killed by accidental use of your weapon, you can be held liable.

A gun safe with biometric lock is safer because it cannot be opened by an intruder or a child determined to gain access. Remember, kids are smart and even a young child can easily remember the combination to gain access to the weapon.

If you decide to invest in a biometric gun safe, only people you have allowed or programmed to have access can unlock the safe and retrieve the handgun or other valuables. Perhaps the biggest advantage of biometric gun safe is that it can be opened within seconds if an intruder enters your home.

Remember a safe that opens within seconds gives you a better chance to protect your family than a lock system that takes minutes to open and retrieve the gun.

Some modern models allow you to store up to thirty fingerprints, which means all adults in the home can access the safe in an emergency. Again, you don’t have to worry about losing the keys or fumbling the combination.

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Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe

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VAULTEK VT20i Biometric Pistol Safe

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The Different Types Of Gun Safes

1. Manual Or Mechanical Gun Safes

These safes use either a key or a combination lock. The container can only be accessed by the provided key or security code. The biggest disadvantage of mechanical safes is that you might forget the combination or misplace the keys. This can be costly if you need the gun right away.

2. Biometric Gun Safe

These types of safes use fingerprint scanning to allow access to weapons. The containers are handy and can even be carried along. Some modern models can store up to thirty fingerprints in the memory.

Fingerprint Recognition Is A Better Choice Than A Traditional Lock

Why is fingerprint recognition a better choice? Well, first things first – security! With a biometric gun safe, you can ensure that no one else will be able to access your values and weapons.

Traditional Safe Locks

As the name suggests, biometric gun safe recognize your fingerprint and the fingerprints you have programmed into the system. Therefore, if there’s a break in or someone tries to open the lock, they’ll not be able to access the handguns or valuables.

Why You Should Stay Away From Manual Locks

Most gun owners prefer to own a safe with a conventional or traditional key lock or a combination lock. Of course key locks have been used for years and they do offer a basic level of security, they still have serious security setbacks.

Think about it this way. There’s a break in or a home invasion and you can’t find the keys. What do you expect to happen now? You cannot run around looking for keys and the intruder isn’t courteous enough to keep waiting while you can conveniently locate the keys to open your gun safe.

Simply put, key safe is not the most ideal. In fact, the situation can turn quite ugly if you lose the keys.

What happens if your kids find the keys to your gun safe? The last thing you want to experience is an accidental injury or death of a loved one because your weapon safe wasn’t secure enough.

Are Combination Locks Useless As Well?

Well, combination locks are frequently used in gun safe but they can be a hassle if you’re working with them under pressure. If you are stressed out by the presence of an intruder, you might not even remember the combination to begin with, let alone fumbling with the tiny dials.

Sentry Safe Comination

What’s worse is that if you forget the code, you have to pay lots of money to a locksmith to retrieve your weapons and valuables without damage.

Some modern gun safes now come with digital lock-pads, which are quite an improvement compared to the key lock or the combination lock systems mentioned earlier. Digital locks are easier to operate but sometimes people write their secret combinations down on a piece of paper leaving them open to be hacked.

Is Biometric Gun Safe Only Suited For Weapons?

Well, these safes were designed to be used for storing handguns, rifles, and other long weapons. However, you can find a biometric gun safe made of heavy gauge fireproof steel that can protect your jewelry, legal documents and even other treasures.

The Benefits Of A Biometric Gun Safe

Biometric gun safe is definitely better because it uses a code or identification that is unique to you. That’s right. These safes use fingerprint recognition to allow access so your valuables and weapons cannot be retrieved without your presence.

Some of the modern biometric gun safes come with a preinstalled memory that means you can program more than fingerprint to open the lock. The good thing about biometric safes is that you no longer have to worry about remembering the combination or the place you kept your keys. All you have to do is place your finger on the biometric reader.

Is There Anything I Should Be Worried About?

Well all kinds of biometric gun safes require some type of power to operate smoothly. Some models run on batteries which means you need to keep a close eye on battery power. Similarly there are biometric gun safes that come with an AC adapter that extends the life of your batteries and safe.

AA Batteries

It is also important to understand that biometric gun safes are a little expensive compared to the ordinary key lock safes. However paying a little more money to have quicker access to your security weapons is definitely not a bad deal.

Why Go For A Biometric Gun Safe? An Overview

1. Ease Of Use

All you have to do is scan your fingerprint. You then get instant access to your handguns. Yes, using biometric gun safe is that quick and easy.

2. Convenience

Biometric gun safes are small, compact and sturdy and can be carried almost anywhere. Some models can be easily stored under the bed or car seat.

Sentry Safe Car

3. Improved Security Features

It is impossible for intruders and even your kids to gain access to weapons and valuables placed inside the safe unlike mechanical safes. That’s right. Even if your kids see how you unlock the safe, they will never be able to open it.

4. Ideal For Instant Access

You can easily open the biometric safes by scanning your fingerprint in case of emergency even if it is dark. Some models come equipped with LED lights and they are quite handy, as you will have quicker access to your gun.

How You Can Choose The Best Biometric Gun Safe

Before we look at the best biometric gun safe reviews, let’s know the basic features you need to look for in a biometric gun safe. As you can guess, not all biometric gun safe models are created equal. Similarly, the most expensive models aren’t necessarily the best.

If you’re looking for the best gun safe that would best suit your needs, here are some useful considerations you need to keep in mind.

1. Size (Dimensions)

Well, the size of the gun safe would depend on the size of the weapons you want to secure. For example, if you want to store a long rifle, the gun safe interior needs to be at least 58 inches high. Choosing a safe that is 36 to 40 inches in width can store at least six rifles and there will be enough room for a side rotary rack.

Pistol And Rifles

Needless to say, the larger the safe, the more room it will have and the harder it will be for intruders to run away with it. Perhaps the best thing about biometric gun safes is that you can find ultra portable models for small pistols to large safes that can hold up to half a dozen rifles.

2. Design And Construction

Safes made with cheap material or those with plastic fillers are a big no-no as they can be penetrated by sharp cutting tools. Remember, biometric gun safes should use quality construction material and it’s better to avoid anything that doesn’t use high-quality stainless steel.

Ideally there should at least a couple of locking bolts on the sides of your biometric gun safe door. Furthermore the locking bolts used must be constructed of a heavy-duty material. Some of the high-end biometric safes use deadbolt system, which makes the door much harder to break with sharp tools.

Dead Bolt System Safe Lock

Both the ultra portable as well as large biometric gun safe should be constructed of fireproof material. If you are looking for a product to store large weapons or a large arms collection, the unit must keep the humidity out of the container to prevent rust from coming in and causing damage.

The use of high quality construction material is one of the prerequisites for preventing damage by smoke and fire.

High quality biometric gun safes are capable of being drilled to a solid foundation. Some sages have high quality sealing which helps keep moisture out of the container. Large safes sometimes have external and internal hinges, which allow you to open the safe door easily.

Aside from sturdy construction and fire resistance, the gun safe you use should have superior insulation and should be resistant to water leakage.

3. Convenience, Durability And Return On Investment

Unlike traditional key or combination locks systems, high-quality biometric gun safes take less time to open and are built to last. You can now find secure biometric models that store up to 30 fingerprints and have high-quality biometric scanners.

Large Gun Safe

If you’re buying a biometric safe with batteries, make sure you have replacement batteries at hand. Similarly, if you’re using a model with LED lights, make sure the light bulbs don’t wear out with repeated use. Interior lighting is a useful consideration if you want to buy a biometric gun safe for storing a number of weapons of different sizes.

Top Rated Biometric Gun Safe Reviews

Here are our top 5 safes:

1. BARSKA Biometric Safe

The BARSKA Biometric safe is one of the most convenient, portable and high-tech solution for storing small pistols and other valuables. Costing a little more than $150, the safe is ideal for use in offices as well as homes.

The good thing about BARSKA safe is that it can be mounted at any place you like thanks to the included hardware. In addition to mounting hardware, the safe also comes with two backup keys. It also provides easy and fast access to pistols when you need it most even as standalone model.

The fingerprint scanner can be used to program 30 individual fingerprints. Most users comment that it doesn’t take more than a few seconds to program each user.

BARSKA is a wonderful investment and it’s much cheaper than other high tech gun safe options out there. You can program up to 30 different fingerprints, which means 30 trusted people can enjoy fast and immediate access to your valuables and weapons. If great price wasn’t enough, the device comes with one year limited warranty.

The compact and convenient safe is slightly heavy too. Measuring 16.5 x 7.75 x 14.5 inches, BARSKA biometric safe weighs slightly more than 30 pounds and this added weight ensures that the intruders are less likely to carry the safe away.

Possibly the only downside of this model is that makes noises as you try to unlock it. Yes, the beeping feature turns on so you won’t be able to get your pistols quietly. On the other hand, the beeping feature isn’t bad. If you leave the safe unlocked by accident, the timer kicks in after 5 minutes to alert you.

Overall, if you need to store a small pistol or few important documents or valuables and have space constraints, the BARSKA biometric safe is an ideal choice for you.

2. Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe

Sentry Safe Biometric quick access pistol safe is small but it has enough space to hold a full size semi automatic handgun. The design ensures that the safe can be opened easily with one hand. However, the smart ‘lid’ makes it impossible for intruders to crack it open.

Most users are particularly impressed with the ‘whisper quiet’ hardware that comes with this biometric safe. Simply put, you can open the Sentry Safe model without being heard and the gas struts keep the lid open until you close it.

Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe

Since the biometric safe makes no sound and the gas struts are silent too, you can use it both at home and in the office. The device runs on battery and you can program up to four fingerprints.

Remember that the model consumes battery power quickly (both keypad and fingerprint scanner use battery power) so you need to keep the backup keys and spare batteries with you at all times.

The downside is that the safe doesn’t include an AC adapter so you need to keep fresh batteries with you at all times. Some people also report that the device becomes slow if you have more than one fingerprint stored in it.

3. BARSKA Large Biometric Safe

BARSKA large biometric safe can be unlocked by scanning your fingerprint. The large safe is easy to mount to any hard surface using the mounting device that is included. The 5-point deadbolt system keeps your firearms and items securely and you can quickly access with a scan of your fingerprint.

Barska Large

The highlight of this large biometric gun safe is its impressive memory. This model can store fingerprints of 120 different users and operates on four AA batteries. There are two backup keys along with one-year manufacturer warranty, which makes your device a good investment.

4. VAULTEK VT20i Biometric Pistol Safe

VAULTEK VT20i is a tough and rugged heavy-duty biometric gun safe that ensures long lasting protection of your firearms and other valuables. The highly durable powder-coat ensures that your belongings are protected against corrosion and rust formation.

The most notable features of VAULTEK VT20i include heavy-duty 16-gauge carbon steel construction along with maximum prevention against break-ins. The automatic open opens quickly when it matters the most – all you have to do is place your finger on the biometric fingerprint scanner to access your pistols, important documents as well as other valuables.

The manufacturer claims that the Vaultek Bluetooth App syncs perfectly with the Smart Safe technology used in the device. You can use the app from your phone to view your device’s battery status, unlock the safe and readjust the interior light level.

VAULTEK VT20i Biometric Pistol Safe

This biometric safe uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and the micro USB kit included with your device can fully charge the battery within 2.5 hours.

Customers using VAULTEK VT20i simply love the convenience the device offers. The unit is compact and sturdy enough to slide under your car seat and even withstand the brutality by moving through security check posts at the airports. Yes, you can take VT20i along during travel and your arms, documents and valuables will remain completely safe.

The good thing about this model is that lid cannot be forcefully opened from the outside. Backlit keypad makes it easier for you to use the device at night. When fully charged RECHARGEABLE LITHIUM-ION batteries keep your device running for months. Remember you only need 2.5 hours to fully recharge the lithium ion batteries.

VAULTEK can be used at home as well as for commercial use. If you’re looking for a portable safe that can keep your handguns, documents, and jewelry safe and secure and more importantly, out of the wrong hands, this biometric safe is what you need.

5. LockSafe Biometric Pistol Safe

LockSafe biometric pistol safe is powered by a single 9-volt battery and you can program up to 10 different users. In case the battery goes dead, you can still open the safe during emergency with the help of two backup keys that are provided.

The four predrilled holes in the safe make it easy for you to mount it to any hard surface you like. When you purchase the device, you can make the most of the one-year limited warranty. The device can be used at offices and homes and the interior is lined with high quality foam to prevent your arms and valuables from being damaged if you try to move the safe.

The customers fall in love with the sensitivity of the scanner. Yes, it is seen that the device opens quicker than most other models. While it’s highly unlikely that your device memory will wipe out, but if this happens, you can still access the device contents with the help of the backup keys provided.

LockSafe Fingerprint Safe

Perhaps the biggest downside is that the device starts beeping when you try to scan your finger. What’s worse is that there’s no way you can shut off this sound. Some users are also annoyed with the weird sound the safe door makes when it is opened. If you want to open the safe discreetly, you should try to move the door slowly.

If you are having problems scanning your fingerprints, make sure you are using a finger that doesn’t have obvious scars or cuts. It is recommended that you re-program your fingerprint after every few days for better results.


Hopefully, now you have a good idea of how you should buy a biometric gun safe that best suits you needs. Remember finger-scanning technology is safer and more secure compared to traditional locks and you would love to own a safe that is accessed quickly during an emergency.

Perhaps the biggest downside of biometric devices is that they are expensive, but the pros outweigh the price disadvantage quite easily.

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