The Ultimate Guide To The Different Types Of Gun Safes

The Ultimate Guide To The Different Types Of Gun Safes

A gun safe is a lockable storage unit for keeping ammunition and firearms. It is an essential item as most areas have laws that require firearms to be kept in a secure location. You can choose from a variety of gun safes according to your personal preference. Some special models are designed to keep weapons safe against natural disasters, fire and floods.

What Is A Gun Safe?

A gun safe is a protective storage container used to safely carry firearms or any other type of ammunition. The main purpose of a gun safe is to restrict access to unauthorized or unqualified people. Additionally, the safe will protect the inside contents from damage against natural disasters.

What is a Gunsafe?

Using a gun safe can greatly benefit the owner since access prevention is a requirement by law and ensures the safety of others, especially if you have kids. Using a gun safe can also prolong the longevity of your ammunition and guns, preventing them from collecting dirt and debris.

Reasons To Own A Gun Safe

If you’re wondering why you should invest in a gun safe and can’t store arms in your closet, you need to read this section. Controlling access is fundamental to gun safety and is one of the most basic steps one should follow, especially if you have kids or visitors at home. Here are a couple of important reasons why you should invest in a gun safe:

Child Access Prevention Laws

27 states in the US have a requirement to keep arms locked up, far from the reach of children. This is important even if you don’t have kids at home. The penalty for allowing a kid to access a gun can differ from state to state but in most cases, you are likely to face criminal liability for negligence.

Child Access Prevention Laws

Read up on your local laws. Even if you don’t have kids of your own, it is worth having a gun safe to protect young visitors who might occasionally drop by over the years.

Protection Against Burglars

It comes down to how priceless and irreplaceable your guns are. While most models can be easily replace or upgraded, the same cannot be said about the sentimental value of your grandfather’s pistol that has been passed down through generations for eons.

Investing in a gun safe will prevent burglars from breaking in and stealing your priceless equipment. We suggest you opt for a concealed or a hidden gun safe for added convenience.

Store Other Valuables

Who said you can’t use a gun safe to protect other important items. You may use the storage unit to store important items, such as your passports, birth certificate, important papers, family heirlooms, stock certificates, bonds, and tax records among other important stuff.

Gunsafe Medicine and Storage of Other things

You obviously won’t be able to store ALL these items in addition to your gun so prioritize according to the space. A gun safe will protect items from theft, fire and will allow you to pass it on to the next generation without any problems or inconveniences. Invest in a larger safe if you plan on storing other essentials.

Quick Access

If you have purchased a gun for your safety and protection, you probably know how important quick access to your firearm is. Several manufacturers construct small and large gun safes that can be opened in a couple of seconds.

In extreme cases, quick access can be the difference between life and death. Opening a gun safe is more convenient than rummaging your closet for something as important as a gun when you are in dire trouble.

Peace Of Mind

Thanks to gun safes and advanced locking mechanisms, you need not worry about your kids stumbling upon firearms while you are away at work or completing chores at home.

Peace of Mind form keeping your family safe

Investing in a gun safe thus results in peace of mind, making it safer for you to own a gun at home without worrying about accidents or break-ins.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing A Gun Safe

As mentioned above, a gun safe not only ensures the safety of your gun but also the people around you. Here are a couple of factors you must consider before purchasing a gun safe:

Locking Mechanisms

First things first, you need to ensure that unauthorized or unqualified people cannot access the safe. The safe must feature high-tech locking mechanisms to prevent children or burglars from getting into the safe. Some advanced gun safes can be accessed via thumbprint or fingerprint, password or voice activation.

Fingerprint Sensor for Gunsafes

Opt for a locking mechanism that best suits your needs. The thumb-print method is typically a good option since you won’t have to worry about forgetting the password. Opt for a gun safe that can only be accessed by trusted personnel.


Invest in a gun safe which can conveniently accommodate at least two guns in addition to ammunition as well. Some gun safes are small but offer extra space for storing ammunition and other items. This is a relatively cheaper option compared to investing in a larger safe that will take up too much room.

Keep in the mind the size of the safe

Additionally, ensure the gun safe can conveniently fit inside your room or closet. Some people prefer purchasing safes that can be easily mounted on the walls. This not only saves up room but also offers the owner added convenience.

Fire Protection

It is a good idea to invest in a gun safe that offers fire protection. This will keep guns and ammunition safe against fires and natural disasters, resulting in minimal damage. This is a useful feature since you can also store other valuables inside the gun safe for protection.


When it comes to purchasing gun safes, you cannot undermine the importance of price. Conduct thorough research before you survey the market since there are many expensive models that offer the same functions as an inexpensive gun safe. This means that price does not necessarily ensure the quality of the product.

Cost of Gunsafes

Instead, look for safety and other protective features. Remember, a gun safe is an investment that will benefit you tremendously.


As with other products, one cannot undermine the importance of a warranty so don’t forget to read the fine print. Most brands offer at least a year’s warranty that ensures you can have the product fixed in case it malfunctions or is need of repair.

Some manufacturers may also offer special plans that allow you to extend the warranty period. We recommend that you invest in a gun safe with a life-time warranty so that you no longer have to worry about additional expenses in the future. This will prevent future headaches.

Types Of Gun Safe

Purchasing the right gun safe can be a tedious task, especially since there are a variety of options you can choose from. In terms of locking mechanisms, you can opt for pin safes, electronic options, fingerprint recognition or a standard key lock system. While some gun safes are standard models, others are fire, flood and natural disaster resistant.

Type of Gunsafe

Some advanced models also come equipped with shelving for ammunition. Second-hand gun safes are a suitable option for folks who are on a tight budget. Additionally, invest in a gun safe according to the gun you wish to store. An upright footlocker is more appropriate for storing larger weapons, such as rifles.

A small gun safe will suffice if you want to store a handgun or a more compact model. Here are the most common types of gun safes you can choose from:

Electronic Lock Gun Safe

An electronic lock gun safe features a battery operated keypad with a small LCD screen. The keypads are typically programmable for a specific number code. For added convenience, owners can reprogram the code, resulting in improved security in case an unauthorized person somehow gains access to the current code. Additionally, some electronic safes feature live-locking bolts that prevent the doors from being pried open.

Electronic Type of Lock

Some high-end models also feature a hardened steel plate for preventing drill attacks. A standard six-digit code offers up to a million combinations so it would be impossible for an intruder to randomly guess the right combination. However, on the downside, the keypad on an electronic gun safe is susceptible to fire damage, water damage and corrosion.

Not to mention, it is simple for unauthorized people to open the safe if they gain access to the combination code.

Key Lock Gun Safe

As the name indicates, this type of safe features a standard lock with key and is typically sturdy and reliable. However, on the downside, anybody with a spare key can access the safe. We suggest you hide the spare key in a spare spot to prevent it from getting lost or being stolen.

Type of Safe WIth Lock

In case of emergencies, book an urgent appointment with your locksmith to replace the entire lock or provide a new set of keys. High-end key lock models are typically resistant to fire, water and natural disasters. These models also feature live bolts and anti-drill plating.

Biometric Gun Safe

Biometric gun safes typically feature a locking mechanism based on fingerprint recognition. These models are quite popular because of their quick access and advanced security level.

However, because of its high tech design, biometric gun safes are quite expensive compared to other model but are definitely worth the price if you are in search of a more advanced model. Because of its hefty price, biometric safes typically feature anti-drilling steel plating in addition to live bolts that restrict unauthorized access.

Gunsafe with Finger print sensor

Some biometric gun safes are programmed to identify/recognize multiple fingerprints. This is the best option for folks who want to permit access to the safe to their spouse of trusted family and friends. However, stay clear of inexpensive models that have a higher rejection rate or may allow unauthorized fingerprints to open the safe.

A higher rejection rate means the machine has a tendency to reject authorized fingerprints, preventing the user from accessing the safe in times of need. This can create serious problems in accessing the guns, especially if you are in an emergency and want to quickly retrieve all your belongings.

Vehicle Gun Safe

So, what do you do when you are on the move and don’t want to leave firearms at home? Well, you get a vehicle gun safe, of course. These models are designed to accommodate small guns while stored in a vehicle.

Vehicle Gun Safe

Opt for a good quality safe that is large enough to accommodate the weapon and sturdy enough to keep it safe. Ideally, the safe must also have a reinforced lock along with a good quality lock casing. The vehicle gun safe must also have secure hinges to prevent the safe from being pried open.

Wheel And Pin Combination Lock Gun Safe

As the name indicates, these models feature locks that combine wheels and pins. You have to set a code of three numbers that you will then have to set on the pin wheel to access the safe. Opt for high quality models that are resistant to damage caused by flood, fire and natural disasters. However on the downside, the pin wheel may have “dead spots”.

Old Wheele and Pin Gun Safe

This could mean there is a risk of the dial skipping a number if you choose numbers that are close together. Additionally, the lock might open without warning if you choose a final number below 10, because in that case, the dial will turn towards the lower numbers.

Multiple Lock Gun Safe

This type of safe features two different types of locking systems. Some models allow you to use both the locks simultaneously while some can only be used one at a time. This drastically improves the level of security, making this type of gun safe a popular option.

Gunsafe with Biometrics and Keypad

Biometric systems combined with digital keypads is a popular option since it requires both fingerprint recognition and typing the correct number combination to access the safe. Another popular combination includes a digital keypad with a key locking mechanism.

In-Wall Gun Safe

As the name indicates, in-wall gun safes are installed ‘in-the wall’, the most obvious downside is that these safes are not portable like other options. This type of safe is designed to remain stationary since it is directly installed into the wall.

In Wall Type Gun Safe

This obviously prevents the entire gun safe from being stolen since nobody will be able to detach it easily. These safes offer a variety of lock options, ranging from electric keypad, combination lock or fingerprint so you can opt for a suitable option according to your convenience.

Under Bed Gun Safe

This firearm safe resembles a sliding drawer beneath your bed and is designed to securely hold guns and other kinds of ammunition. In times of need, you can conveniently reach for the safe underneath and unlock the combination in a jiffy. The bottom line is you will also have immediate access to arms and ammunition no matter how late at night it is.

Under Bed Safe Type of Safe

Hidden Gun Safe

As the name indicates, a hidden gun safe is hidden behind shelves, mirrors, and picture frames, somewhere intruders won’t be able to gain access to. Because of their deceptive appearance, most thieves will pass by the hidden gun safe without taking much notice. However, this will not prevent others from drilling or prying the safe open.

Hidden Gun Safe

Fireproof And Waterproof Gun Safe

Most guns safes are constructed using steel and can only melt under extreme temperatures. For added safety, it is imperative you opt for a fireproof gun safe that will keep your possessions secure. Invest in a gun safe that will not allow high heat to penetrate through the metal and damage the contents stored inside.

Fire Resistant Gun Safe

Car Gun Safe

While car gun safes are not as secure as the ones that are bolted down on at home, they are a better option compared to leaving your pistol unsecured in the glove compartment. These gun safes are designed to accommodate a single handgun.

Car Gun Safe

Additionally, this model is a great choice for folks who frequently travel and cannot leave their guns at home. You may also opt for a truck gun safe if you own a, you guessed it, truck.

Nightstand Gun Safe

If you are not comfortable about storing your gun under the bed, a nightstand gun safe is your next best option. This type of safe usually doubles as a hidden gun safe, allowing you to retrieve your gun in the dark hours of the night without even getting out of bed.

Gun Safe Night Stand

This is a convenient option for police officers and security personnel who must always stay alert for danger.

Tips For Maintaining A Gun Safe

While good quality gun safes are resistant to damage and outdoor elements, they still require some level of maintenance. A properly maintained gun safe is likely to last longer. Here are a couple of tips you should keep in mind:

Clean The Gun Safe Regularly

First things’ first, you need to ensure the vault exterior is always clean or else it will gather dust and debris. Strive to clean the safe at least once or twice every month.

You will be surprised by how much dirt it can gather, even if you leave the gun safe at the same spot for several days. Regularly cleaning the vault exterior is a good idea since grime and dirt is more difficult to clean if it has been allowed to sit for several days.

Avoid Using Metal Polishes

While cleaning the handle and the lock part of the gun safe, avoid using metal polishes and other kinds of solvents since it may damage the outer coating. Instead, read the manufacturers guidelines on how to maintain the gun safe without damaging it.

Beware Of The Material

You may clean the safe using a non-abrasive cloth that has been dampened with water. Use it to gently wipe away dirt from both sides of the vault. Then wipe the shell until the safe starts sparkling like it is brand new.

Non Abrasive Cloth

However, be aware of the material of the safe before cleaning it. While a non-abrasive cloth is perfect for cleaning safes with a textured and glossy finish, it may result in unwanted scratches or spots on other types of materials.

Use Paint

If you do accidentally blemish or scratch the exterior surface of the gun safe, rest assured, you can easily fix it up with a small dab of paint. Use some touchup paint to cover up the damage and you are good to go. A coat of paint will also help the gun safe look brand new even after several years of use.

Oil The Components Properly

Apart from cleaning the exterior of the safe, don’t forget to oil the chrome locking bolts. The bolts of the door must be oiled properly to ensure it works properly every time it has been closed. Not oiling the bolts may cause it to rust or stain.

Special Lubricant For Safes

Apply a small amount of grease on the both the bolts, the front and the bottom at least once a year. This will prevent the bolts from sticking to one another.

Hire A Professional

Owning a gun is a huge responsibility that must be taken seriously. Consider hiring a certified technician to inspect the safe once a year to ensure it is in perfect condition. It is a good idea that you hire somebody who you trust, This will ensure that you have complete confidence in what they say.

Take their advice seriously and take necessary steps accordingly. Follow these simple steps if you want to maintain the quality of your gun safe.


Hopefully, this helpful guide has provided you all the information you need regarding gun safes. For more information, consider seeking the advice of a professional and don’t forget to read up on the manufacturer’s guidelines before investing in the product

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